Laboratory Services

Creating unrivaled capacity for timely results.

Prompt Praxis Laboratories provides a full range of rapid testing and support services focusing on pharmaceutical products and compounded sterile or nonsterile preparations.

Laboratory Services

Analytical Testing

  • Batch Release Testing
  • Heparin Potency
  • Complaint / Investigations Testing
  • Third Party Confirmation Testing
  • R&D Stability Testing
  • Identification Testing
  • Moisture Determinations
  • Water Vapor Transmission Testing
  • Melting Point Determinations
  • Specific Gravity & Density  Determinations
  • Osmolality Determinations
  • Optical Rotation Determinations
  • FTIR Identification Testing
  • Heavy Metals by ICP-OES
  • UV / Vis Spectroscopy
  • Color Determinations via Hunterlab
  • Globule Size Analysis
  • Particulate Matter Determinations
  • Validated Test Method Licensing

Analytical Development and Validation Services

  • Stability Indicating Assay
  • Related Substances / Impurities
  • Preformulation Support Testing
  • Remedial Validation
  • Gap Analysis
  • Process Validation Support
  • Method Transfer Support
  • Formulation Development Support
  • Comparative Studies
  • Forced Degradation Studies
  • Light Stressing of Sample per ICH

Research & Development

  • Assistance in Proposing Drug Product Specifications
  • Container Closure Selection and Evaluation
  • Compatibility Studies
  • ICH Compliant Stability Studies
  • CMC Support

Rapid Sterility & BET Testing

Discover our Ready To Analyze® Test Methods

Prompt Praxis Labs helps you in designing, developing, implementing and managing an effective, safe and secure Analytical Testing Program for a Pharma Product.

We offer Ready To Analyze® Test Methods for analyzing a product’s strength, quality, purity, potency, and identity.  We also provide services for analytical characterization, bioanalytical services, method development and validation, as well as method transfer and assistance.