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Management & Leadership Team at Prompt Praxis Labs

Creating unrivaled capacity for timely results.

Prompt Praxis Laboratories provides a full range of rapid testing and support services focusing on pharmaceutical products and compounded sterile or nonsterile preparations.

Lisa McChesney-Harris

Lisa L. McChesney-Harris, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur and currently a small business owner since April of 2010. She founded two businesses; firstly, an independent consultancy that provides subject matter expertise

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Cecilia Newcomb-Evans, MS

Cecilia Newcomb-Evans is a highly accomplished research professional with over 37 years of pharmaceutical experience and a proven track record of strategic planning, project execution, laboratory operations and budgeting. Ms.

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Elizabeth Moody, BS

With over 21 years of diverse quality assurance experience, Elizabeth Moody brings an encompassing, highly conversant methodology to Prompt Praxis Laboratories (PPL) quality assurance program. She has held quality positions

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Kim Concepcion, MBA

With over 15 years of exceptional customer service experience, Kim Concepcion brings a highly knowledgeable yet personal approach to Prompt Praxis Laboratories already client-centric culture. As a military wife she’s

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Jennifer Robinson, BS

With more than a decade of top-level management experience, Jennifer Robinson is a highly motivated professional whose creativity, dedication, and leadership have made her a success at every level of

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