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Lisa McChesney-Harris, PhD
CEO, CSO & Founder

Assessment of Extraneous Peaks in Compounded Products: A Chromatographic Mapping Approach

Lisa McChesney-Harris, PhD
CEO, CSO & Founder

Drug Sterility Testing

Sterility testing, also known as drug testing, is a process used to detect the presence of drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, in a person’s system. It typically involves providing a urine sample, an oral fluid sample, a blood sample or all three.

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Analytical Testing Lab

What Is A Chromatogram?

A chromatography column is an important tool for determining what chemicals are in a given sample. You can test any material, such as food, water, air, or blood, by running it through a column containing gel or solid particles.

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Microbial Identification Testing Lab

What Is An Analytical Testing Laboratory?

An analytical testing company performs non-clinical (or sometimes referred to as forensic) testing on samples sent in by you or someone else. These labs typically have specialties such as blood stain analysis, drug screening, DNA profiling, and infectious disease testing.

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Microbial Identification Testing

What Are The Types Of Laboratories?

There are a variety of laboratories you can visit to assess your health and wellbeing. Clinical laboratories, pharmacies, nutritionists’ clinics, and oral surgeons are some of the medical facilities that may use laboratory tests to collect data about a person’s physical condition.

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