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At Prompt Praxis Labs, we provide you with the latest and most reliable drug potency testing services. Our laboratory testing is designed to provide an accurate measure of the potency of your drug sample. Our team of certified scientists and technicians use the latest technological advancements to ensure that you get the most precise results. We understand the importance of accurate potency testing and are committed to providing quality results for our customers.

What is drug potency testing?

Drug potency testing involves measuring the functional activity of a drug molecule in comparison to a reference preparation, such as that of a placebo. Potency testing helps in assessing the safety, purity and overall efficacy of drugs before they are released into the market. Cell-based potency assays are usually employed to measure the effectiveness of drugs in a given biological system. These tests involve pairing up an effector reporter gene cell line and an appropriate target cell line to validate and quantify their interaction. Specific types of cell-based potency assays include antibody dependent cell cytotoxicity (ADCC) reporter gene assays, which help determine the ADCC function of any given product. Reporter gene cell based assays are essential tools during the entire drug development cycle, from detection of Neutralizing Antibodies (NAbs) to quantification of drug potency.

What is drug potency testing used for?

Potency testing is used to determine the functional activity of a drug molecule. This test is critical for biological licensing applications, as all biologic products must meet requirements for safety, purity, and potency. There are various cell-based potency assays which measure drug efficacy during potency testing, allowing scientists to observe how a particular dose of the drug will interact with a given biological system. To meet regulatory requirements for biopharma product release into the market, antibody dependent cell cytotoxicity (ADCC) reporter gene assays have been developed and demonstrated to be reliable and standardized when assessing product’s mode of action. Cell-based reporter gene assays are a popular part of bioanalytical technology range due to their ability to quantify drug potency or identify neutralizing antibodies (NAbs).

What’s involved in potency testing?

Potency testing is also an important part of the process to ensure that a drug molecule is functioning as it should. Potency tests involve comparing the biological activity of a drug to that of a reference sample, typically through cell-based potency assays. These tests can determine how a prescribed dose will react in a given biological system and are essential for regulatory approval and lot release for biopharmaceutical products. View our drug potency and other laboratory services that Prompt Praxis Labs offers!

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